Bitcoin BULLISH REVERSAL at Hand! (Watch This Top DeFi Project)

Welcome to your daily crypto wrap up where i give you all today's, crypto news in about three minutes, maybe a little faster than normal tonight. It's, pretty late, just got back from the braves game. Tomok we won looks like we're going to the playoffs okay, guys let's.

Look at the morgans right now we got bitcoin coming in at 43, 400, approximately aetherium at 29.91 about to break 3000. Again. Excuse me about to break 3000 again we got cardano plumbing up just a little bit at two dollars and eleven cents, finance coin uh up to 380 uh, and then we have uh xrp coming in about 95 cents.

If we look at our biggest gainers of the day, omg network continuing to make moves, we have silica and binding it's coin, bouncing pretty hard. Looking like it's heading back to 400 and we have dydx coming up next with 10.

2 percent, several other gainers. Those are your only ones over 10. So let's get started here. Number one story of the day: according to ta bitcoin, could be making another leg up. We've, seen bitcoin pump.

It went down below 41 000 at 41.7. Earlier today. We are now recovering at 43, for almost ta says that bitcoin should go to 43.6 in order to still remain bullish. We're, really close to that. You guys know we're still in the range of that uh falling wedge.

Hopefully, we will see us break up uh above and get out of that range. Hopefully, we'll, see it sooner rather than later, uh next story of the day. Here we have dydx and we & # 39. Ve talked about this a little bit here recently.

Dydx is a decentralized exchange. Now, why is dydx pumping? Well, a lot of chinese users are moving over decentralized exchanges like dydx. It's, getting a lot of volume. A lot of push a lot of momentum - this is definitely one to watch in the short term and some people are making the argument that this chinese crypto ban is actually extremely bullish for divide.

Well, speaking of d5 number three story of the day, pretty concerning honestly, we have divine money maker compound, possibly exploited for 80 million dollars. So what happened is come out and accidentally put out way too many reward tokens, 27 million dollars worth of tokens were claimed.

Now we don't know, you know exactly how it's gonna affect the company, but they have said or the project they have said. No user funds will be affected. That's, always good news, and what we like to hear.

I'm gonna go ahead and sign off, see you guys in the morning hopefully bitcoin keeps running. I'm gonna be blessed big boy out.