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Yo, what is everyone in this video? We'll, be covering possibly the most hyped nft release we have ever seen and it is called mechaverse. We will break down all the details behind the release, what it's, going to be minting at where we'll, be releasing as well as the roadmap behind the nft project before we get into it, make sure to click that subscribe And like button, it is greatly appreciated and with that being said, welcome to the nifty verse.

Now before we get started, i do want to mention a disclaimer that none of what i say in this video is financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. The space is incredibly risky and please do your own research.

I as well, have not been paid by mechaverse to make this video or sponsor any of the nfts that they will be releasing. I'm just personally super excited for the project and love talking about nfts, so just to kick it off, just to kind of show you what these look like.

These are a 3d avatar nft collection that feature these mecha robots and i got ta say these have to be some of the best pieces of artwork for nfts. I've, seen release yet the overall project was announced not too long ago and when their announcement hits this tweet right here on august 30th, i mean twitter went wild.

This video right here alone has 438 000 views with 14 000 likes 3 000 retweets. It is amazing to see what has happened with this nft release. The hype for this release specifically is insane, and one of the reasons being is that the artwork is so intricate and so detailed and so well thought out that i guess it demands the respect that it is gaining right.

Now we can take a look at the founders of this nfc project itself. Right now, it is created by two phenomenal and great artists named maddie and matt b. We can take a look at some of the art that they have previously created in the past and see that same similar style being adapted into their new nft collection project mechaverse now, to just give some details behind the project.

This project itself is set to release. Sometime between september 25th and september 30th, that is what they announced. There will be a total of 8 88 meccas to be released to the public. They will cost .

02 ethereum and, as you just heard right there, they will be minted on the ethereum blockchain. We'll, go and kind of break down some of these details in itself. So far, so we can start off with the price right and the blockchain they will be minting on, so they will be minting on a theorem for 0.

2 ethereum, which i know to many of you. It might seem like there is an increased cost in that point. This is probably one of the more expensive nft collection releases we have seen yet. The reason being according to the founders is that there has been an incredible amount of detail, the work that has gone behind developing each one of these mechas.

They will be releasing, and personally just some of my opinions on the price itself, i think this is an okay move. I personally am not too angry about it. I actually think it's appropriate, considering the amount of work that has gone behind this artwork, as well as the gas wars we are experiencing on the ethereum blockchain itself, maybe having a higher price to mint might decrease some of those gas wars because It will price a certain amount of people out and, at the same time, instead of wasting, i mean people are going to want to purchase this and mint this nft.

So it's either you pay 0.2 right ethereum to the founders into the team and have that money allocated to the overall project or you're spending, one ethereum, possibly two ethereum and insane gas fees.

That is just gonna. Go down the toilet so not too angry and i think that it's. It's appropriate that these mints at point two i haven't seen too much backlash in the community so far behind the mint price itself.

They have also heard out many of the other complaints behind ethereum itself and we're, considering a minting on either solana or another blockchain itself, but ultimately they decided to mint on ethereum because it's.

The most familiarized blockchain for nfts. At this time, we can take a look at the description that's located on the website and go through the roadmap as well. So let's. Go over a brief description of what these are.

The mecha verse is a collection of 888 generative meccas, with hundreds of elements inspired by the japan mecca universes each artwork is original with its own color palette and creation. The objective was to make each mecca unique in order to prioritize quality above quantity, and we can just take a look at some of these mechas.

I mean wow. This artwork is insane look at this one right here i mean it's, just absolutely beautiful. The artwork that has gone behind this. This nft project and i'm, extremely excited for it. So we can move on scroll a little bit more down through the website.

Take a look at their roadmap uh. The roadmap is what's, going to be outlining what will be happening with this project itself? We can see the step. One of the roadmap is to launch the roadmap itself and launch the release overall right.

So quality comes first. The goal is to make the drop as cool as possible, so we can have freedom to develop in the universe, so the prioritization for the first part of the road map, obviously is to have the drop successfully accomplished and executed.

We can move on to the second part of the roadmap, which is the physical part. Mechas have a huge potential as physical creations. We are passionate about 3d printing and want to bring the concept to life with quality materials.

After several talks with famous art toy makers, we are currently working with with on some concepts, but wait. Let's, keep a little mystery for the moment. We also aim to create clothing and merchandise, using high quality materials and textiles with eco-friendly fabrics.

So it seems that they want to accomplish some sort of like physical, like collectible, alongside the nft itself, which is really cool. I mean imagine having one of these mechas like just standing up right here.

I think that would be super super cool and super entertaining for the overall project itself and just adding merch the usual thing, the usual ip branding. You will see across multiple nft projects on step three of their road map.

Mechaverse acts, artists, their collaboration with artists. That seems that they have plans. We'd, like to develop a series in which each mecca is made in collaboration with artists we, like and under their artistic direction.

We would create a small collection of one-of-one, unique mechas by artists, with all proceeds going to them really interesting. So it seems that they want to support the artist community that is located within nfts and they will collaborate with multiple different artists and possibly some other nft projects to drop to certain holders of these nfts.

Moving on to step 4 mecha multiverse after presenting our original mechas, we want to explore more abstract subjects in order to present a second, very distinct drop, so companion drop might be incoming.

Our aim is to simply to aesthetically enlarge the universe, and each relationship between the mecha dimensions will be described and explained, so they will be adding lore within the universe, adding more items or nfts to support the overall vision that they have for the mecca universe.

And it seems right here's, something interesting. We also want to see if it would be possible to collaborate with famous mecha licenses on future releases. That would be super cool. Imagine like some very famous animes that involve meccas as well as some very famous brands that involve meccas in japan, that they could end up, collaborating with to launch something for their collection and the future of mecca's right here.

This is going to be the last step of their roadmap 1.0 when all the stages are complete. We'll, take care of maintaining the mecca universe. We both come from the design industry and we are truly passionate about art, short films, physical and digital exploration, and we would like to explore even more with the desire to always make events more impressive and ambitious.

We are counting on your support. We look forward to seeing what happens in the future love from meccas amazing stuff here from the roadmap. I think it's, something that is totally possible and totally plausible to be able to be executed within what they have so far.

There's, a lot of nft projects that i believe that over promise on what they're, going to execute and end up not delivering in time or not delivering at all, and i think this roadmap in itself is something that is Very achievable, for them at least for their first road map, the 1.

0 road map that they can accomplish and keep the community happy. It's all about the overall brand and ip that is being built within this ecosystem. In this nft's, project, specifically or any nft project to see how they can build out their own universe and their own ip, and as they further continue to do, that there's, going to be more opportunities that will pop up For the mecca universe, as well as the overall nft project, by the way, if you're, not doing so already make sure to go.

Follow my twitter as i post exclusive information about the nfts i find, and what i see trending on my twitter. A big part about betting on nft projects is also betting on the team. The team is super important and you have to believe in the team to not only accomplish what's on the roadmap and also to expand beyond the roadmap itself.

Now, like we covered, we already kind of went through the team, but we will go and dive a little bit deeper, so there this is their kind of little bit of an introduction. Hi maddie and matt b. Our two friends currently focused focusing on 3d and art direction.

We have been working hard to establish our own style and we're continuously. Looking for new ways to push ourselves, we have worked with apple, microsoft, mtv, adobe, adidas, nike and more so experience team, always a great check mark for any nft project.

So they are an experienced team that will be working on this project. So they know exactly what direction they want to go and have experience in executing that we can also take a look at just a little bit more of the artwork that they have featured, which has inspired the overall nft mecha project itself.

So these are the artworks from maddie itself and then these are the artworks that matt b has created beautiful pieces of artwork and i have personally checked their social medias. They are public founders, which is, as you know, i am a huge fan of big check mark in just a green for me.

So having public founders experience founders, a great team behind the project itself is definitely a big plus and positive for this nft project. Now the next thing i want to take a look at is the community itself.

As you know, i'm, a big proponent of the community being the most important factor to an nft project. The community is absolutely ginormous, i mean it has only been 13 days really, maybe two weeks since they have fully announced their nft project and when they will be launching - and they have total already 77 000 followers on twitter, making it one of the most massive nft Communities we have seen thus far, especially in such a short amount of time, so it's incredibly impressive, to see the amount of people that are looking forward to this release and trying to be a part of this community.

What's? Equally, as impressive as we hop into the discord, their discord is almost at 70 000 members. In their discord, massive, i mean massive community and they're extremely active right. The founders in itself, as well as the team with the founders, is extremely active in posting announcements updates and communicating with the community itself.

The community is very, very, very active. I mean, as you can imagine, with over 70 000 people. There's. A tremendous amount of chats that are going on within this project and overall another thing i would like to know is that there's, a multitude of different people in different diversities.

Within this nft project's, discord and community. I mean we have people from across the world extremely excited for this project. We're, seeing a lot of chinese people, a lot of spanish people and a lot of people from different countries really looking forward to this nft release.

Overall, this is undoubtedly the most hyped nft release we have ever seen. Yet in this space i mean the amount of hysteria and hype that is going into the release and the amount of people looking forward to at least try to mint is incredible, so i mean - and personally i think the project is great so far in terms of The things that it checks off in my boxes, i want to say first of all i mean the team, being a public team and being an experienced team is absolutely huge, so that's, a big plus the artwork.

I mean it's like a 10 out of 10 and the worst case scenario, nine out of ten, which is very rare for nft projects these days, so the artwork, the team is incredible. The community is massive. The massive community and people look to be wanting to stay in this community, rather than just flip.

Of course, there's, probably a ton of flippers in that discord, but at the same time there is a lot of people looking forward to actually holding that nft and repping it as their digital identity and putting it in their profile picture.

We're, seeing prominent. You know people in the nft community right influencers that are looking forward to this as well. All the signs are really pointing to this release. Being one of the most just insane nfg drops.

We have ever seen now. One of the things that does concern me is just how this release will end up going, especially on the ethereum blockchain, the amount of people that will be trying to mint this, even at a 0.

2 cost. There is going to be a tremendous amount of people looking forward and trying to mince this nft and as we've seen with previous hype, drops such as the sevens and just a few others. It has been just a complete disaster in terms of gas fees and gas wars.

I mean there was a point during the seventh drop that gas hit. I believe, like five seven k around there right in us dollars, which is absolute insanity and you're, paying more in gas multitudes more in gas than you are paying for the actual nft itself.

Like i said, hopefully, the higher mint price does help that scenario a little bit, but i really do think that there's just going to be so much hype. You know, despite that 0.2 price, it's. It's. Going to be tough, you know it's, going to be tough and it's, going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

I know they have outlined, they will be conducting pre-sales. You know so make sure you're, checking out their twitter and discord for that, and they will be trying to find ways to avoid that insane gas war.

That would end up happening if all of these nfts hit a public sale. So, most importantly, make sure you are in their discord and in their twitter just check for updates and everything that is associated with this release.

I'm sure they will be releasing more information so after this video ends up going out, so those are going to be the two places you're, going to want to check out in terms of them releasing updates and information surrounding Their nfc project - hopefully you found value in this video.

I am personally going to be trying to mince these nfts. I doubt i will be able to get one, but we are gonna try. We're gonna try. I'm gonna try with the rest of you to see. If i'm, able to at least purchase one of these and uh let's, see what happens.

I'll. Keep you updated make sure you go follow my twitter for those updates. I will be kind of live tweeting this when this actually is happening so make sure you're following my twitter and if you enjoyed make sure to hit that subscribe and like button, it is greatly appreciated and with that being said, i will catch.

You all later